Norwich 2 Mongolia
Norwich, United Kingdom --- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Will Vickers, Luke Phillips, Luke Dexter, Josh Melling, Edd Nabbs

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On the 11th of June, a group of friends (Josh, Luke, Will, Edd, and Luke) are making an absolutely crazy journey around the world from Norwich to Mongolia. Whilst this journey will be sure to fill our thirst for adventure, providing we actually make it, we also want to raise money for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Mind. Mind is a UK based charity that deals with mental health issues. As 5 young men, mental health is somewhat of a taboo subject despite the rate at which we are affected, through us donating to Mind we hope that the conversation of mental health issues can become more open.

Our method of travel will by car (2002 Nissan Micra - absolute rust bucket, and a 2001 VW Polo with a luxury sunroof), and a motorbike - because Big Phil has no concept of fear whatsover. Our adventure will take us through northern, and sourthern Europe, down the dalmation coast, through northern Turkey, into Georgia, and Azerbaijan, crossing the Caspian Sea on a less then seaworthy freighter, through Kazakhstan, meandering through Mongolia, and flying home from just over the Russian border. A journey which will see us travel over 8,000 miles.

There are many options for donations that include; monetary, sponsorships, gifts, merchandise, services, and many more. We understand asking for donations is somewhat audacious, but we believe you will be contributing to a worthy cause, and a life-changing experience.

If you don't want to give a monetary gift but do want to contribute to our adventure email:

We want everyone to be a part of our journey, so for donating just £10, if you want, you will get your name written on the bonnet of the car.

We want to make our journey an interactive experience for people who fund us, SO, we're giving you the chance, for £30 to give us challenges/punishments. Email us to discuss what you want us to do after donating. Updates will be posted when challenges are done.

We want the cars to look unique, is if you have any large stickers we can put on the outside then we will put them on for sure! If you want the car to be specifically dedicated to your comapany etc, then drop us an email and we can sort something out. NB all stickers and decals will need to be provided by the donator.

To support us in any of these way, donate on this page, and email us with your requests!

Thank you for your time and donations.

Team N2M

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